Sunday, December 28, 2014

track it!

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Today's Think Kit blog post prompt: 

One Small Step

Set your sights on the next year: what's one step you can take to support a goal you have for 2015? Whether it requires a written plan, a list of supplies or ingredients, or even a flowchart: getting your plan down in words should help spur you into action.
I have two not-so-fun goals for 2015 and both involve tracking. 

I'm had great luck with Weight Watchers over the years. 

As it turns out, eating less and moving more results in weight loss! 

Who knew? 

I was cruising right along at a manageable weight for the last year or so and I let me guard down a bit and gained five pounds this fall. While the weight isn't terribly noticeable, I can tell. And I feel much better with the weight off.

And you can't go around gaining five pounds every three months or so. Actually, you can. And it sucks. 

So, I'm back to tracking my food and activity. It really does work. 

The second goal is to get my finances in order. At one time I had a giant savings account. Then I bought a house and other grown up things. All of the amazing travel in 2014 took a dent in my non-existent savings account. 

I've already made the spreadsheet and filled in my projected income and expenses and am ready to start recording, no matter how painful it might be. 

So here's to losing and saving!  

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