Thursday, December 04, 2014

it's not about you sunshine.

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Today's Think Kit writing prompt: 

Whether you asked for it – or not – what good advice did you get this year? Did it come from an unexpected source? Was it unsolicited, or did you need a word or two after an eventful day, week, or month? Has the advice changed the way you think about the world? Changed the way you think about your advisor? Changed the way you think about yourself? Changed the way you act? Can you distill the message and help the rest of us out, or is it too personal to be universal?

I thought about this all day and couldn't come up with any advice that I was giving or took. I started feeling like a real jerk thinking that I was just too pigheaded or arrogant to take or ask for advice. 

I worked at the Red Key tonight and was sharing the prompt with a friend and blog reader and lamenting how I was an ass for not taking advice. Mike's take was that I'm always soaking in everything and pulling ideas and advice from day-to-day events and constantly making adjustments. 

I'll go with that theory. And please feel free to give me advice, I promise I'm listening. Just like the sheep above. 

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