Friday, December 19, 2014

theme music

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Traditional Irish music session
February 2014

Today's Think Kit prompt:

Insert Theme Music Here
Strike up the band – what was the soundtrack to your year? Was it the music you listened to the most? A certain song that kept reappearing, or worse...that you couldn't get away from? Or maybe it wasn't music at all – maybe a podcast, voice, performance, or significant sound played over-and-over. Whatever you heard: we're all ears!

I listen to tons of music, but I'm always stymied when someone asks me what my favorite band is or to name a favorite song.

I can say that if the song includes pedal steel or an accordion I'm smitten.  

I adore seeing live music and my favorite way to hear music is during songwriter-in-the-round shows. It is where musicians trade songs and stories and I fall in love with the last song played.

Can I just say that my theme song is music? 

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Gette J said...

Love interaction with the musicians. As a performer, I'm happiest when there's interaction with the audience. We feed each other.