Monday, December 29, 2014

hashtag community

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Today's Think Kit blog post prompt: 

Shout At The World
If you could make a # (hashtag) take off...what would it be? What conversation do you want to have with the world? Who are the five people you'd want to hear from first...or last? Is your trending topic personal? Political? Lyrical? Or just random?
Oh, hashtags....I have like/dislike (I can't bring myself to declare #LoveHate about something so innocuous) of them, although I can't explain it. #NoIdea. 
Anyway, I've really been drawn to the idea of community this year. I've discovered that community is more than neighborhood or church or workplace or family or PEZ collectors. #NancyDrewFans
We all belong to a big old international bulging-at-the-seams community. And we're all in it together. The idea is simplistic, but swear that if we all could wrap our brains around the idea that we have more in common than our differences the world would be a calmer place. #Can'tWeAllJustGetAlong?
When I was in Tanzania and saw children I started to automatically bend over and stick my arms out in front of me so the kiddos could feel my hair and touch my skin. The laughter would start when I opened my mouth - I think the kids expected me to look different inside. #MaybeTheyWereLaughingAtTheFillings
So here's to the idea that we can be a part of peace making- let's help our local and global communities figure it out. #ItStartsWithYou #ILoveYou #ForReal

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