Monday, December 01, 2014

a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

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under the mosquito net, Morogoro, Tanzania. 

I am a last-minute participant in the Think Kit blogging challenge. I tried to blog everyday last December, but it fell apart for various reasons....mostly because December is busy with work and play and obligations and holiday panic, blah, blah. 

But I really want to start writing again. I still write the music column for the Broad Ripple Gazette, but I've let other writing opportunities slide and I don't like it. 

And this year I have plenty to write about and need to capture those stories before they have totally left my brain. 

So here we go. Again. 

Day One prompt: 

Nothing like a strict word count to kick off our month of blogging...just kidding! Share your year in photos. Was there a moment of unrestrained happiness? An unexpected encounter? What role do photos play in your life – were you more selective with your phone ( this year? Or are you the King of Selfies? Dig into the deeper meaning of a moment frozen in time.

I'm all about the photos and think that the idea of selfies might just have been invented for me. In previous years I took an extraordinary amount of feet snapshots - so many that they have their own label on this blog. 

I moved away from photographing my feet when I discovered the whole selfie thing. Or maybe because I lost weight and figured out the right angle to tilt the phone to hide the double chin that I was born with. 

I embraced the foot photos again this summer when I spend most of July in Tanzania visiting my godmother. I started wrapping up my day with under-the-mosquito-net facebook posts. It was a great way to reflect on the adventures of the day and there is great comfort and safety in being  under a net. 

Tucking the net in makes going to bed intentional and marks a clear end to the day. Going to bed at Chez Pez is fluid. I get up to find the charger for my phone, up to get a glass of water, up to double check the lock on the door, up to start laundry, up to grab another book.....

I think I should add a mosquito net to my Christmas list, I think I'd sleep better. 


So what is old is new of toes, blogging, and hoping to make it through the month. 

I'll see you tomorrow. 


Granny Annie said...

Okay Nora, good for you! I know you can and will do it:)

Kassie said...

You go blogger gurl!