Saturday, September 15, 2012

fabulous jane

Jamie Ridpath, Nora, Jane Rulon
Jane Rulon was fabulous. 

Truly and genuinely fabulous. 

In the fifteen years or so that I had the honor of knowing her, my family always referred to her as “Fabulous Jane.” She had that certain flair that is hard to describe, but you know when someone has it.  I was shocked when I found photos of her that she was not wearing a scarf. In my mind she always had one draped around her beautiful neck. I even imagined her at home with stylish silk scarf over her bathrobe. She wore her gorgeous grey hair with aplomb, making me wish that I had enough nerve to do the same. All of her accessories had a lovely story. One of my favorite pieces was the glass ring that she purchased in France. She could make something funky sparkle.

Jane was a familiar face at art, film, and music events. She and I had the same habit of dropping in on multiple events in the same evening. I was delighted when I’d see her twice in one night without making a plan. She was a marvelous conversationalist, I loved looking over at parties and seeing her deep in conversation with one of my siblings or neighbors. 
She made everyone feel special. 

Jane made everything seem like an event, whether she was popping in to my yard sale, celebrating a birthday, or bumping into her at the State Fair.

She was a thoughtful gift giver and occasion-maker. When CATH coffeehouse closed, a group of regular customers put together a lovely celebration. Others provided the cake and food and keg. Jane arraigned with the Mayor’s Office to decree it CATH Day and listed all of the things the coffeehouse added to the community, which helped soften the blow of the cafĂ© closing. 

She made a fabulous toast at fortieth birthday, and I was thrilled to celebrate my fiftieth with her. One of my favorite moments of that party was running into Jane and some other women in the washroom and having a great conversation. In case you’ve ever wondered what the inside of the ladies room at the Jazz Kitchen looks like, this photo was snapped there.

She once gave me a gorgeous paper crown made of sheet music and glitter labeled Queen Bee, just because it reminded her of me. Her gift for my fiftieth birthday was a shiny plastic Academy Award with an “envelope please” listing why I’d won. Both the crown and the statute reside in places of honor in my home.

Fabulous Jane died August 22, after a short illness. Her friends and family are hosting a Celebration of Jane at the Jazz Kitchen on Sunday, September 23. There will be music and food and everything Jane. Wear a scarf, bring a dish (something French would be fabulous), and share your Jane stories.

I’ll see you there.

Celebration of Jane
Sunday, September 23, 2012
The Jazz Kitchen
5377 N. College Avenue
3:00 – 7:00 pm