Thursday, December 18, 2014


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Have no fear – no numbers needed here. Who (or what) made a difference for you this year? Were they cognizant of their effect? Did it add to your life...or detract? Was it a momentary encounter? A year-long helping hand? Someone who took a chance on you, or vice versa? What would've changed if you'd had to go without, or go it alone? Imagine the alternative scenario.

There is no doubt about what made a difference for me this year: An $8,000 Human Services Renewal Grant from the Lilly Endowment (administered through the United Way of Central Indiana).

The grant is available to folks who have worked in the nonprofit arena for at least eight years. [Click here for more details here, if you're interested]

I was lucky enough to receive it last year and it enabled me to travel to Ireland and Tanzania this year. I tossed in some of my own money to make it happen, but I wouldn't have dreamed of trying to do it without the grant.

Applying for the grant made me really plan the the trips and make a budget and allowed me to dream big.

Thanks Lilly Endowment! 

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