Sunday, December 14, 2014

I've been Gilmored

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Today's Think Kit blog post prompt:

Look Outward, Look Inward

By telescope or microscope, or no scope at all – what did you discover? A new aspect of yourself? A favorite artist, musician, or variety of cheese? Did you discover something about a loved one? A familiar or new-to-you place? Be broad, be narrow, or be surprising.

Sure I found long-lost relatives in Ireland and spent a month in Tanzania with my godmother, but the first thing that came to my mind when thinking about what I discovered this year: Gilmore Girls.

Between not watching television as a child - one hour a week, always Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family - working a lot of nights, not having cable, and never having a great television, I never considered myself a TV watcher.

Until Netflix streaming came along. I enjoy binge watching shows on my iPhone. I don't care much about how big the picture is, I enjoy listening to programs just as much. And I can carry the phone from room to room and listen where ever I like.

I discovered Gilmore Girls last month when I saw people posting about it on facebook. I can't believe how much I'm enjoying it. The dialogue is fabulous and the stories are just the right amount of silliness.

And I promise that I did discover lots of swell things about myself and the world during my travels....

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