Saturday, December 27, 2014

the year of the selfie

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Musoma, Tanzania
July 2014

Today's Think Kit blog prompt post: 

Show & Tell

Time to show off your handiwork: what did you make this year? Share something personal, like a song or art. What inspired you? Was the finished work what you initially imagined? Or a work project – what was the process? The end result? Share your vision...and your work!
I always say that my artistic vision outweighs my ability. 
I'm very creative in my mind. 
I try not to be egotistical, but I'm convinced that the idea of "selfies" was created for me. Before the cell phone camera technology I had to take photos of my feet
I've had great fun over the year snapping selfies all over the world.  
My week with the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa in Musoma, Tanzania was restful and quiet. I read and rested and took short walks while Sr. Janet taught a seminar to the young sisters and novices. 
The sisters and I were all fascinated with each other and found a common ground in laughter in photographs. 
Setting up this selfie was a feat in itself and it is my favorite one of the year, although the one I took with a monsieur in Ireland is a close second. 

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