Monday, December 22, 2014


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July 4, 2014
Morogoro, Tanzania

Today's Think Kit blog post prompt:

Chef's Choice

Today, we're keeping it wide open – we want you to write. Write the thought ringing in your head this morning. Write what you can't forget. Write what you want to remember about _____. Write the everyday and the extraordinary. Let Frank O'Hara be your guide.

This morning I was drinking Tanzanian tea out of my Irish mug and thinking of how damn amazing 2014 has been. 

Seriously amazing.

The juxtaposition of the African tea in the Irish mug made me think of celebrating Independence Day in Morogoro. I love being at home for July Fourth - click here for a little piece about my affection of the holiday - but my international celebration was memorable. 

Janet and Sue and I celebrated Independence Day by drinking an African beer while eating pizza in a Maurtius restaurant with Chinese decor while watching the German - French World Cup game. 

It was awesome.

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