Saturday, December 13, 2014


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Today's Think Kit blog post prompt:

Put Down Your Blog...
And pick up a pen! Or pencil. Heck – we'd settle for a crayon.
You don't have to stay in-between ruled lines, but we do want you to write something by hand. Sure, a letter comes to mind. But so does a recipe you discovered this year. A poem. A series of tweets that is a poem. A contract with yourself – or someone else. Whatever you get on paper – write it, then photograph & blog it. Cursive or manuscript, we promise not to grade on penmanship.

Being behind in publishing the blog posts I've started worked out well in this case. I wrote this note to a friend who was having surgery on the day of the prompt, photographed it, and didn't get it posted.

This photo is much better than the one I took because my friend is holding it! On the front of the card was a photograph from the 1950s and featured a car from that era with the hood up and women in uniforms tinkering with it.

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