Saturday, December 08, 2007

TOYS (holiday party #7)

Primary Colours, a nonprofit agency promoting the arts, annual holiday show featured works by local artists around the theme of toys. They asked everyone to bring pasta for Second Helpings. We can use 125 pounds of pasta every day. Pasta does not tend to be among the food that we rescue. It does not have an expiration date, so it does not get rotated off the shelves as often. It is a great item for schools, churches and community groups to collect for us.

The show was great and we collected a lot of pasta. And, I purchased a great piece of art by Kipp Normand. It is a doll made of found objects with a windup key on her back. It reminds me of me - lots of different parts and interests. Wind me up and go. I'm thrilled to own it.


Rachel said...

That doll is quite amazing!! I am glad you were able to get a lot of pasta for Second Helpings!

Kim said...

The queen bee Nora rack looks better than the doll's rack.

Hee hee.

Jamie Dawn said...

The toy-themed show sounds like fun.
How great that you came home with a work of art!!
Pasta is easy to fix and very filling.
It's GREAT that you collected tons of it!!

Cliff said...

I just got to thinking that my house is full of 'found' items. I might be rich one day. During BS '08, I'll let you look around and bid on some stuff. : )