Thursday, December 27, 2007

g.m. christmas party (holiday party #24)

I'll admit that I woke up Wednesday with a raging case of crabbiness. I think it was a bit of Christmas let-down and not wanting to work. Work as been a goofy lately, nothing major and nothing I can talk about - I just feel like I've been spinning my wheels a bit. I've done some soul searching and decided that I was part of the problem and I've been working on changing my communication and work style. One thing I realized in that whole process was that I'd also changed my clothing style and had become pretty darn boring. I took time to dress Nora-style, a little funky. 

I thought I looked pretty darn cute and got lots of compliments at work -- until I noticed this:
Yep, two different socks - with my cute little flood pants. And that turned out to be the bright point of the day. Again, no details, but it was a really crappy day - an employee crisis and an screechy alarm were the highlights. 

Dad has hosted a Christmas party for his General Motors tool-and-die maker buddies for years. It is always the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year's Day. The guys (and yes, it is mostly men - there were not any women tool-and-die makers in their generation) talk a lot of shop, but they are fun to be around. 

My mood lightened up around that group of rock-solid steadiness. We had a good laugh about my socks and my iPhone got passed around like a new baby. I think we Google mapped everyone's house. 


Kim said...

Two different socks is not so bad...on Halloween I inadvertently wore two different tennis shoes to work! Thank goodness the baby is only a year old and didn't notice.

The sad thing is that it took me the better part of the morning to notice myself! I am indeed getting old.

King Tiger said...

The cool thing about "dressing funky" is that you CAN do the different socks thing and nobody can second guess you.
Imagine how I felt when I was sitting in a design meeting talking about some important design issue only to discover I have on a brown belt with black shoes. (My fashion-sense conscious gay business partner stage-whispers to me. "Your belt doesn't match your shoes!!!")