Thursday, December 20, 2007

december 20 reunion (holiday party #17)

When my dad was 17 he was having an especially fun day with his two best friends and suggested that they get together every December 20. For the last 54 years they have only missed one reunion. That is amazing considering Army service, marriages, children and geography. One of the charter members died a few years ago and was replaced with another class mate (I tease Mr. Corso that 49 years was a long time to be on the bubble). Last year they volunteered at Second Helpings. This year they attended the Christmas pageant and had dinner at Sullivan's Steak House.

I love sitting where I can see in to the kitchen. Sullivan's has a swanky 1940s feel. The food was great and giant! Nothing like a steak to soak up any residual whiskey from the night before.

Dad, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Corso, his daughter, Mary Jo and her husband Rich and my Mom and I made up the group. I had a great time and the talkin to Mary Jo was fun, I feel like I have a new friend. I was honored when I learned that Mary Jo's office (Noah's Animal Hospitals) had collected pasta and spices (63 pounds) for Second Helpings.

John Dunn is my godfather. Mr. Dunn lives is Decatur, Illinois. He is a Notre Dame grad, an attorney, was a member of the Illinois legislature for years and acts in community theatre.

I had a great time - and I was glad that I only had to wait 46 years to be invited to the dinner!

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Jamie Dawn said...

Sounds like terrific fun!
That is so neat how your dad's buddies have gotten together for all these years.
It is marvelous!!