Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas with the herrs (holiday party #23)

Ann Herr Mitchell and I met in first grade (where we shared a classroom with second-grader Jerry). Annie and I (and our families) have been great friends for the last forty years. Our family started spending Christmas Day with the Herr's when I lived in Philadelphia - somehow it made me feel twice as homesick knowing that my family was hanging out at my best friend's house. 

The day was full of food,  I think I ate my weight in ham - twice, laughter and games. There were some hot rounds of Apples to Apples

Annie and I always exchange presents. We've gotten pretty predictable the last forty years. There is always a mystery book involved. We've graduated from Nancy Drew to Kinsey Millhone (although we both are known to still read Nancy). Annie always makes me a great photo calendar. 

Two of my six godchildren were there. Ben Mitchell (#2) is a freshman in college, smart as a whip and plays football. June Bug (#6) had fun showing off the computer that Santa brought. 

It was a wonderful, comfortable and relaxing day. I almost shook free of the crabbiness from the day before. 

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