Friday, December 28, 2007

dinner with the tonic crew (holiday celebration #25)

In my pretend life I go to fabulous dinner parties with twelve of my witty and charming friends. In my real life I sit on my sofa and eat popcorn.

This was a pretend life evening. The Tonic Ball crew and friends (we missed you Maura) had dinner at the Corner Wine Bar. It was a lovely evening of catching up and showing off Christmas gifts (dueling iPhones!), and talking about the New Year. I don't know why I didn't take a photograph of the group. Too busy eating, drinking and laughing.

One of the reason's we got together was to see the band Middletown. They had a mini reunion show since Aaron Stroup was in town.

Aaron Stroup

As always they sounded great. And they packed the house - it was standing room only. They harmonize beautifully. I think I've mentioned before (here and in print) that Tad Armstrong is my favorite singer/songwriter. All three Middletowners are great great musicians and songwriters.


Stasia Demos (songwriter, singer and accordion player) adds balance, amazing songs and a little girliness to the group. Aaron is a terrific guitar player and singer. I managed not to cry or shout out 'hey that song is about me' when he played Green With Envy. The song is beautiful and sad.

Somehow a photograph of Stasia's darling son wound up in the tip bucket (I suspect Stasia's husband had something to do with it).

Aaron was leaving town the next morning. We stopped at the Red Key for a good-bye whiskey before he headed back to his grandmother's house.

When he's in town, I never know which is worse - when we have a good visit or a bad one. It was a really fun ten days. It will be good to get back to a routine of not staying out too late and drinking whiskey - right?


Monica said...

Sounds like a good time!! Whoo Whiskey! I dont think I ever had whiskey in my life

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I just got caught up on all your parties and I must say, I am happy to be setting here sipping my ice tea. You are an animal.
Save a little of that party spirit for Blogstock '08.

Kim said...

So, did we miss party #25?

Cliff said...

I've read the last three posts, searched high and low and not once was a dumpster mentioned. Good for you.
Sorry about the crabbies creeping up on you. They do me also. Often.
Glad the party with Dad went well as well as the Herrs. Thanks for sharing.

nora said...

Kim, I wish I could say that party #25 was a private party that I could not write about, but the sad truth is-I suck at math.

bad influence girl said...

Nora, I hardly see how you'd have time to sit on your sofa and eat popcorn.

Jerry said...

Are you going into rehab after party #30?