Sunday, December 09, 2007

red key ceiling fund bake sale (holiday party #8)

My plan was to spend the morning writing - my Gazette column is due along with three pieces for NUVO and making a batch of toffee.
The best laid plans...
It turned in to a fun afternoon. Mom and Dad happened to be in the neighborhood dropping off a chair. I walked down to the upholstery place to meet them. We moved on to the newsstand for lunch. I really enjoyed introducing Mom and Dad to my friends and neighbors.
My best-friend-since-first-grade Annie Herr Mitchell (no one can call her Annie but me, okay?) and her husband Jerry called from my front porch. I thought I'd be home at 1:00, and clearly was not. Ann and her friends had very generously shopped for five teenagers that are in a program at the Christamore House and they were dropping the goods off at my house. Ann and Jerry joined us for lunch.
The five of us had fun laughing and telling family stories. Jerry and I had our heads together playing with my iPhone, I see one in his future.
After lunch Mom and Dad and I walked down to the Red Key for the annual bake sale. In lieu of the toffee that did not get made I took a newsstand gift certificate. The bake sale benefits the Ceiling Fund of the Red Key. The money collected on the ceiling and from other events all year are donated to the Children's Bureau. Russel has collected money for first the Pleasant Run Children's Home then the CB for the last few years. Last year the Red Key donated $9000. to the CB.
The Bake Sale is coordinated by the wonderful Maureen Webb Cox. This year's sale raised almost $1000. It is a fun time to be at the Key. You buy a ticket and when your name is called you get to chose something from the table stacked with goodies.
What a great afternoon! I didn't even mind returning to work a few minutes later.

Here is Moe and Dollie tallying up the donations.


Kim said...

I wish you would have let me know about the need for baked goods! I'd have been more than happy to contribute. Put me in the loop, woman!

King Tiger said...

I have GIT to get in to the Red Key!
I'm ashamed to admit that I have lived here most of my adult life and I have never been there.

King Tiger said...


Cliff said...

Very noble efforts once again Mother Nora.
You simply never cease to amaze me.
Good on ya!!

Bette said...

You write very well.