Monday, December 03, 2007

b&t radio show party (holiday party #2)

You can hear my friend KL every morning, all over the country on this syndicated radio show. She invited me to be her guest to their Christmas party at a comedy club on Monday night.

She suggested that I arrive as close to 6:00 as I could, since the party started right on time. I had a Tonic Ball wrap-up meeting at the same time, so I didn't arrive at the party until almost 8:00. The food was gone, but The Jazz Kitchen was the caterer so the owner Dave hooked me up with some delicious pasta and a chocolate covered strawberry. The JK and my old coffeehouse were good neighbors, sharing kitchen space and parking lots.

I took my plate in to the main room and squeezed in to a seat at K's table. It just happened that I was sitting next to the manager of the station. B and T were on stage thanking everyone and such. The guys mentioned some names of people that were no longer at the station and people were clapping for them. The station manager was sitting quietly during that. I leaned over and whispered"you fired them, didn't you?" He nodded "yes."

As you can guess, the entertainment for the evening was comedy. The comedian was very funny, I love his history stuff.

After the comedian the party cleared out - after all, they do have to be on the air by 6:00. I got a chance to talk to DM, the producer of the show. He was telling folks that I was his friend first, but KL stole me.

The party favors looked like fun, but I missed them - I did snag a cool B&T coffee mug.

I got a real glimpse in to KL world on Saturday night. She emceed the Bloomington, IN stop of the B&T comedy tour. I got to see the very swanky (ha) green room, chicken wings and all.

I got to meet the other comedians on the bill and hang out for the backstage "meet and greet."

KL kicks off the show with a 10 minute stand up routine. She did an amazing job! I loved sitting in the audience and hearing people laugh.

All of the comedians were good and they all had great bits. My favorite joke was from this guy:

Did you hear that Elizabeth Edwards was in a car accident?

She veered too far Left and ran in to Dennis Kucinich.

I might have been one of the few in to the political humor, the biggest laughs were reserved for this sellin'-his-boat-call-his-pager-ladies-man. Had I not known that he was the nice guy that I was talking to earlier. He and his lovely wife have four children. His character plays a well-intentioned redneck - swear to god, he does. I'll tell him right to his face.

After the show they all signed autographs in the lobby of the theatre. KL and DB had the longest lines. K signed photographs, talked on answering machines and posed for pictures.


Cliff said...

I'm very concerned that the B&T coffee mug might take the place of the Kennel Cup. Say it ain't so Nora!
Sounds like you could rent your house out to someone who has the time to use it.

Kim said...

Donnie Baker's a HOOT, I swear to GOD he is! Did he try to sell you his boat?

See you at the NUVO party tonight?