Sunday, December 30, 2007

bethy's birthday (holiday party #28)

My younger sister Beth's birthday is December 31. We all gathered on New Year's Eve Eve to celebrate. Bethy will be 45 tomorrow. J.R.'s birthday is in February and for three months we'll be 44, 45 and 46. 

Beth and her hubby Ron.

Nephew John (Beth's godchild) and Dad.

Kiddies and Beth.

Beth and Molly.

Beth, Molly, Lauren, Bradley, John.

Beth Ellen blowing out candles.

Anna and J.R. 

John and Ron

Arni's is decorated with a bicycle theme. The banana seat one cracks me up every time. 

Molly with her High School Musical on Ice tee. 

John, Mom and Beth looking at my gift - a PEZ dispenser that serves up dog biscuits. 

Happy Birthday Beth!

1 comment:

Jerry said...

Say it isn't so. My friend has a younger sibling who is turning 45. Gasp!

Beth and Ron are so much fun. I can't believe all the get-togethers that you've crammed into December. Did you take a month off work?

Happy Birthday, Beth!!!!