Sunday, December 30, 2007

spitznogle christmas party (holiday party #26)

My cousin Judi and her lovely husband Rick hosted the Spitznogle Christmas Party. There are a bunch of us. Dad is the youngest of nine children. I have a ton (58) of first cousins. I think I'm about #50 in that group. I have cousins that are grand parents (I think there might be a great- grandparent or two in the group).  Most of them grew up in Cass County. You can imagine how hard it is to keep it all straight. I do a fairly good job of knowing every one's name, but I get stumped also. 

Judi and Rick have the perfect space for the party. A few years ago they built a barn with an eye toward also using it for parties. There is a loft with room for tables for games, a giant television, a bar and a pool table. As you can see, we like to start the pool sharks early. 

Here is a photograph of all of the aunts, uncles and cousins that were there. I'm in the middle, one of the few looking at the camera - it was my camera, so I knew where it was. 

Here are the remaining Spitznogle siblings. Aunt Lucille (81), Dad (71), Aunt Gertrude (82), Aunt Mary Alice (sister-in-law) and Uncle Cletus (83). 

Uncle Cletus is the family historian. 
The party was great fun and again I ate my weight in ham - this time in the form of delicious little ham sandwiches. It was fun to catch up with cousins, ohh and ahh over new babies, see how the children have grown and honor the ones who have gone. 

Dad talked me in to stopping at the Legion in Whitestown on the way home (see where I get it). 
Quite frankly, I found the place a little depressing. Lots of folks telling me that they drink there because the beer is so cheap. I did run in to some childhood friends that I have not seen for 20 years. I have to admit that my interest peeked when I spotted this glorious mullet. 

I cannot believe how obsessed I was with photographing this wonder. 

Of course I had to take dozens of other shots so I would not look like I was um, obsessed with photographing his mullet. 

On my way home (wonder where I get that?) I stopped to see the fabulous band The Benders. 

Tad Armstrong and David England

Kristin, Nora and Sarah

I had a lovely day and hit all facets of my life. I worked for a few hours in the morning, went to Logansport to hang out with relatives, had a glimpse of my home town roots and got to hear great music on the way home. 
It is a good life. 


bad influence girl said...

And I see that Rick and Judi did indeed put the requisite basketball goal in the barn. It's a state law!

Is it heated with a wood furnace, too?

nora said...

Good eye, B.I.G.
There is a super-charged wood stove along the wall. There is enough room in there for the kids to ride scooters and bikes around the adults chatting and eating. There are plenty of electrical outlets to accommodate all of the crock pots and a handy concrete pad right out side the door to park coolers. The indoor bathroom and hot water are a bonus also.
The only design flaw is that if an errant pool ball goes flying off the table there is a good chance that it could roll of the loft and bean someone sitting below on the head. I never play pool there - I don't want to be the one to give Uncle Cletus a concussion.

King Tiger said...

"Uncle Cletus with a concussion!" sounds like a good epithet to shout when exasperated by a subordinates idiocy.

Jerry said...

And why wasn't I invited? You could have slapped a nametag on me (long lost cousin who lives in Idaho) and no one would have been the wiser.

I just realized that I'm gonna miss the MLK fish fry...again. I'll be in Houston getting a tan, if I ever see the outside of the headquarters.

Have a Happy New Year, Nora!!

Kim said...

OMG. You actually have an Uncle Cletus. You are indeed from Indiana.