Wednesday, December 05, 2007

merry mingle (holiday party #4)

The Ad Club's Merry Mingle party benefited Second Helpings. I've never been to this event, because, well, I'm not in advertising. As it turned out I knew plenty of folks there. I had a good time mingling and being merry. Pictured is Ken Honeywell, founder of the Tonic Ball, KL, from the radio show and her amazingly beautiful and nice friend JH. I bought a year's worth of Arni's pizza at the silent auction. Yummy, that will be good for my diet.

I've had serious iPhone fever for about a week. I really wanted one when they first came out but made myself wait. KL got one a couple of weeks ago and now that I've gotten to hold one in my little mitts the fever is worse. Several people at the party had one, which did not help my not spending money resolve. I'm justifying the possible purchase with a couple of things; I've never paid for a cell phone, always gotten the freebies (my current phone has no camera or fancy features) and I don't have an iPod. So really, I've been saving up for this moment - right?

I did the same thing with a camera and a computer. Crappy, out-dated stuff to excellent new-technology-and both of those purchases have worked out well.

How late is the Apple store open?


Cliff said...

I think I've read that the picture quality from the those is actually superior to that of my Canon Rebel. AND of course you do run the risk of being able to throw your computer against the wall. Something I know I would have done several times it it were small enough to fit in my hand.

Teresa said...

If you are having trouble making it work, we have a Dummies book for it. :)