Thursday, December 20, 2007

birdy's christmas party (holiday party #15)

Birdy's hosts live original music seven days a week, so I spend a good chunk of time there. I was having so much fun at Marty-Gras that I arrived at the club just a litte too late. I got to hold the door open for one of my favorite musicians as he carried his amp out.

I did get there in time to sit on Santa's lap. My friend Otis had played the role of Santa for years, but he's in Europe wrapping up a tour. Here I am convincing punk-rock Santa that I've been a good girl this year.

I did get to hear the last band, it was made up of musicians from several different groups. Here is Tom E. We grew up in the same church and my mom taught him religious education classes.

I was disappointed not to hear more music but I got to catch up with a friend that was in town visiting. He and his girlfriend are newly engaged and it was fun to ohh and ahh over the ring.

I stayed there way too late for being scheduled to deliver a 7:00 am talk the next morning...technically it was already the next morning. I didn't drive to the club and had more drinks than I typically do. I'm hyper-conscience about my drinking. I realize that I'm in charge of myself -- I am the one responsible for getting myself home safely. I also don't want the reputation of being the drunkard music journalist - or the drunken 40-something single woman prowling the bars. But having a designated driver, being a little nervous and giddy I had that one whiskey too many.

I got an early Christmas gift when the phone rang early in the morning and my talk was cancelled. I also got to experience what a friend of mine calls a "paranoid hangover." The oh-my-goodness-what-did-I-say/do-last night feeling of dread. Not that I cannot remember the whole evening, but I was still worried about it. A friend pointed out, that even at my most obnoxious I'm still nicer and more polite that 98% percent of the people that she knows. I guess those White Gloves and Party Manners classes 40 years ago are paying off.

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Cliff said...

I put up a comment, then fifteen minutes later come back to get the elf deal address and there is another new one. You go girl.
I must say, punk rock Santa has a ,,well...lustful look on his face.
The first thing I'm going to do when I get to Indaianappolis next time is find a party, go up to the first person I see and tell them I know you. I'm guessing that will be THEE name to drop.