Thursday, December 06, 2007

nuvo winter celebration (holiday party #5)

The NUVO party was a blast, I'm just sorry I did not get there sooner. I was home working on three pieces that were due for the paper and trying not to touch my new iPhone.

Yes sir, I did it. The Apple store at the fancy mall makes it so easy. There is a concierge dude that greets you at the door. I told him what I wanted, he steered me to a desk stacked with the magical phones. I handed him my debit card, he swooped it on his hand-held scanner and asked if I wanted a paper receipt or to have it emailed to me. I chose email (save a tree), he punched my email address in to his scanner, handed me the bag and I walked out. I think the whole transaction took three minutes. It was so easy it felt a little dirty. I ran out to my truck clutching the bag to my chest and drove home. Then I made myself not open the box. Do you know how hard that was?

The one thing that launched me back out to the cold night was knowing that Kim would be there. It was fun to see her and she's thoughtfully saved me a seat - and a brownie.

The program featured a talent show. When we were all asked a few weeks ago to participate, I didn't think that I had anything to offer. Too late, I got the idea to do an old fashioned 4-H demonstration - how to make toffee or something. I think that Kim and I could do a kick-ass home ec. presentation. Next year, watch out!

JP the editor of NUVO performed a great classic piece. Of course I have no idea what it is called. My education is seriously lacking in that area. I can show you the proper way to measure a cup of flour, but could not name an opera song (aria?) if my new iPhone depended on it -did I tell you that I got an iPhone? Anyway, Jim did both parts - the woman and the man. He did an amazing job and the costume was fabulous.

Here is a photograph of Wayne (Kim's BF) with a six pack of party favor beer. Of course I had to juggle my bottle of wine and brownie to get the shot.

I'm glad that I went - the party was in the spirit of the paper. Quirky, chock-full of talent and outside the box.


bad influence girl said...

Nora, I know you hear this a lot, but you are even making ME tired just reading about all the parties. And a wee bit jealous!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

So how many parties do you have this year. One December I had 18 of them back to back - I said never again. But you sound like you are enjoying each and everyone of yours.

Kim said...

Nora, Poyser's song was from Fiddler on the Roof! And it was indeed a hoot!

I'm honored you shlepped out to meet me at the party--thanks again. I know the siren call of the iPhone was indeed strong...

Rachel said...

I'm catching up again and I see that you are a party animal!! :)

You are so busy! I don't know how you do it!!

Jamie Dawn said...

You are a PARTAY girl!!

My son is getting an iphone from my parents for Christmas. He is jazzed!!

Oh, and my boy has seen The Almost, Avenged Sevenfold, Van Halen, and Altar Bridge concerts all within the past month.
He is is hog heaven!!
Also, Van Halen just extended their tour and added Little Rock on to their schedule. WOW!!!

You win the prize for attending the most holiday parties.

Jamie Dawn said...

I bet by Christmas, you'll have attended 20 parties.
Do you get drunk and dance on the tables????
If so, have someone take photos please!!