Thursday, December 20, 2007

june bug's christmas pageant (holiday party #16)

My beautiful niece (we'll call her June Bug) sang in her school (Saint Louis de Monfort) Christmas pageant. Hearing those sweet voices and seeing her on stage made my heart swell.
After the show I asked to see her classroom, she got a little nervous about it. She was not sure that she should be in there without permission. She darted in, pointed out her desk and ran out. I did get her to pose in front of her artwork in the hallway.

December 20th is my nephews birthday. He turned 5! When we were in Florida we ate at the Mucky Duck, a restaurant that was full of practical jokers. John and I both loved the fake catchup squeeze bottle. When you squeeze it, a red string flies out and you think you are getting squirted with catchup. John and I have exactly the same sense of humor. He whispered to me that night that he'd really like one of those for his birthday.

I waited until after the pageant was over to give him the gift. He was thrilled and had fun squirting his little friends and their parents.

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Kim said...

My dad's birthday is 12/20! All the good guys were born that day.