Monday, December 10, 2007

jingle mingle (holiday party #10)

ISES the Indiana Chapter of the International Special Event Planners collected pasta for us at their holiday party. And do they know how to throw a party. The event was held at our world class Children's Museum.

The museum is also the home of the largest permanent blown glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly. It is 43 feet tall, 4800 pieces of glass and weighs 18000 pounds. My photo is just a small portion of the piece.

The food was great and right up my alley - I started at the macaroni and cheese bar. What a fun idea. You scooped your mac and cheese in to a fancy martini glass and could add any of the toppings - scallions, roasted tomatoes, ham, grilled chicken and shrimp. Mac and cheese and roasted tomatoes, yummy.

There was also a make your own wrap bar, build your own burger station and a root-beer float area.

My favorite was the decorate your cookie table.

The museum was closed to the public and their were only about fifty of us. I felt like we had run of the place. Part of the Winter Wonderland display was a giant one-story slide. I went twice. I'm convinced that it was all the more fun because I was wearing a skirt.

Doesn't sound much like work, does it?


Kim said...

Wow...that chow beats the hell out of the Nuvo party, hmmm? Sounds delish!

Jim said...

Hi Nora -- Thank you for the visit and the nice comment. This was a nice party, I just love those closed except deals.
You have a nice blog here.
I didn't read enough to see if you normally don't wear a skirt (your ending remark today)?
Oh yes, those visits to the cold outhouses were something else.
We had inside plumbing starting sometime in the forties but still Dad didn't want us to use it very much as it might overload the cesspool.

Cliff said...

Never grow up Nora. You're wise.
We ate in a restaurant last week that had lobster with mac and cheese.

Granny Annie said...

From now on we're only eating mac and cheese in martini glasses! You're giving the blog world quite an education with all your adventures.

Teresa said...

Fun! I love private parties at the Children's Museum.

And, I SO love the Mac and Cheese idea. I am going to have to do that for a party.

Tee said...

That has to be the most awesome event you've been to yet. You had me at macaroni and cheese. LOL.

Love the sculpture. I saw a similar one at a casino in Connecticut a couple years ago. It was blue and white and was really tall. So beautiful to look at.

Jamie Dawn said...

Going down a slide in a skirt... TWICE!!
Sounds like fun!!
Were you wearing polka dot undies??!!
What great food they had there! I love the idea of a mac & cheese bar and decorate your own cookies.
That glass sculpture thingy is neato!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Mac and cheese bar followed by a root beer float station - I'm there.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sound quitye FABULOYS, actually...! Ymmy food, great idea about the cokies, and surrounded by BEAUTIFUL Art....What more could you ask for?

I agree with you about the inside of that house! I hope I get to see the inside of it at some point....It looks to me like they have a good year to go on ALL that still needs to happen on the house...The City Inspectors supposedly approve every step of the way---and one hopes they are not on 'the take', given where this house is being built, and the risk to surrunding homes, etc.
If and when I get inside, I hope I can take some pictures!
Thanks for your visit!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I cannot believe the number of mistakes my "one finger typing" made in my comment. I truly am a BETTER Speller than that....LOL!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Wow - sounds like you had a wonderful time. That whole party sounds right up my alley. I would have been going down that slide with you. I remember one time I went to Story Book Land with my friend and her two kids. I took one of her kids up this hill to a sliding board. I got the her on and watched her go down. She had a grin from ear to ear. I didn't feel like walking down the hill, so I sat and yelled "WEEEE" all the way down. My friend said "I can't believe you just did that". I was like "why. Your never to old to have fun". So keep having fun Nora. Life is to short for us to act our age. Enjoy.

Monica said...

How cool!!!!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

No new post, I see.
You must be hung over from one of your holiday bashes.
When you regain consciousness and get your wits about you, please post something for me to read.