Wednesday, December 31, 2008

december wrap up

I didn't have enough energy to write about the rest of the holiday parties. I spend lots of time napping and reading at home with some work tossed in. I did make myself venture out in the last hour of 2008 to ring in the new year at Kirsten and Ben's wonderful party - and I talked Novella in to meeting me at the Red Key after midnight for a drink. 

I'll admit that I was in a funk even before the mugging (more on that later). And then my dear friend Ann Herr's aunt and uncle were killed in a one car accident right before Christmas. Larry and Kathy were lovely people. They were part of every July 4th celebration and Christmas Day. I already had a pile of quarters ready to play Cob and had a Christmas present ready for Kathy. Again I realized that we're all grown up when Ann called to tell me of the accident. It broke my heart for Mrs. Herr and the kids - it's been a rough year for them. The funeral was lovely. Larry and Kathy were well loved in their church. Kathy attended Mass every day, and the priest had wonderful things to say. 

There was a funny moment at the cemetery. One of Larry and Mrs. Herr's cousin is a priest and we were chatting at the graveside. He asked if I was married -- working to recruit me to be a nun. I tried to deflect the question by chattering on about my job - pointing out that I am doing God's work already. Just as he said that I should consider joining an order a big gust of wind blew the row of chairs under the tent around me. Father said: that's the Holy Spirit talking. 

Other sad news in my world - our board of directors made the decision to close Just 'Cause Catering as of December 31. The board felt that in these uncertain economic times it is prudent to concentrate on the core mission of Second Helpings (can you tell I practiced saying that?). I'll offer no opinion about the decision, but I will tell you that it sucked to let six friends and co-workers go.  Second Helpings was generous with the separation agreement and I'm confident the talented folks will find something even better. 

I was also as sick as I can ever remember being. I missed almost a whole week of work - and I never miss work. I barely left the sofa, 'cause you know - the bedroom was too far away. In retrospect there was a funny moment. I had such an awful headache that I couldn't think. I couldn't concentrate enough to call someone for help, but I was really worried. Then I saw a television commercial that featured a photo of a footed water glass with a bendy straw in it. The message of the ad was: Headache? Maybe you're dehydrated - drink more water.  I forced myself to off the sofa to the kitchen and made myself and made myself drink water and take a glass with me. After a day of drinking water I felt better. It wasn't until a week later when I was washing a footed water glass that looked suspiciously like the one in the commercial, that it dawned on me that I'd dreamed/hallucinated the whole thing. I'm glad I did!

There were certainly fun times in December - hanging out with my sweet niece and nephew on Christmas Eve was one. I was thrilled to be able to pass my collection of Meg books on to the June Bug. 

All things said, I was happy to see the month go. 

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