Wednesday, December 03, 2008

nuvo winter celebration (holiday party #1)

When I got the invitation to the NUVO party I was excited. Not only was it fun last year, but I knew that it would be a good chance to catch up with Kim. And it was at the Jazz Kitchen, within walking distance of my house. 

I didn't walk, there is the whole being sick factor and it's a crappy icy rainy night. 

It took me forever to figure out what to wear. I'm used to having only six minutes to get ready for a party. Having six hours really threw me off my game. Plus I got motivated last week and took a bunch of holiday clothes to the consignment place. I finally found a sparkly skirt that fit and paired it with the velvet top that I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of. 

I was so frazzled by my lack of appropriate shoes (note to self: find some shoes that are not worn out from work or thrift store purchased boots) that I forgot my camera. And my iPhone battery was worn down, so I couldn't snap a photo that way. For the first time in the year that I've had the phone I forgot to charge it. I've been sleeping on the sofa and the charger is in the bedroom and it never occurred to me to plug it in there. Clearly, I've not been myself. Anyway, I took the photo above in front of my Boy Scout wreath when I got home. Okay, back to the party--

The party was lovely. I squeezed in to Kim and Wayne's table. The food was great - and even some half-way healthy choices, a tasty strawberry salad. I balanced that out with a big hunk of brie topped with brown sugar. 

It was fun to meet other freelancers and hear what they are working on. And I got a nice compliment for this interview of one of my favorite musicians from a writer that I admire. 

I was happy to hear the publisher's recap of the year. NUVO is doing well. Circulation is the highest ever. Ad sales are up. I wish I could remember how many people have contributed and how much money they've been paid. Anyway, all good news in the face of other papers laying off employees. 

I'm thrilled to write for the paper and they seem happy with me. I had a moment of panic when the publisher and editor were teasing me about all of the places I write, but they were clearly okay with it. 

This might be one of the most disjointed things I've ever written. I'm calling it a night. Work tomorrow, ya know. 


Granny Annie said...

I believe you're going to have to spring for a photographer to follow you around. I mean your feet are lovely and your eyes are lovely, but we like shots of the entire celebrity:)

Ralph said...

Glad you balanced out those healthy food choices. You must have been sick if you forgot to charge your phone!

nora said...

The entire Nora has a puffy red face from her cold. I for one, am shocked that the paparazzi don't follow me around anyway [tongue firmly in cheek]

Marla said...

Glad you are feeling better and are getting out to enjoy your holiday parties.

Miss Adventure said...

I once wore cowboy boots with a beaded evening gown. The jury's still out on if that worked, but my feet were happy!

Feel better, you!!!