Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas eve with the family (holiday party #13)

My brother and his family hosted Christmas Eve dinner. I was sorry to miss June Bug's performance at 3:30 Mass, but I was right in the middle of changing locks at that time. We were a smaller crowd than usual. Mom is in Phoenix with Ann and Tim and brother-in-law Ron had to work.

Anna and J.R. very wisely let the kids exchange gifts before dinner. June Bug gave me beautiful crucifix earrings and her brother gave me a necklace to match. I don't know whether the kids think I'm very holy or that I need a good dash of religion. Either way, I love my gifts. Ron and I had each other's names in the gift exchange. He gave me cool PEZ ornaments and I gave him a six-pack of Bell's Porter - that just answered my question of what the kids were thinking when they loaded me down with crosses. Both Mom and Dad gave me something green that magically turned in to an iPhone.

Dinner was wonderful. I was feeling a little snappy and tired by the end of the evening. I decided that I'd rather sleep at home with my new locks than spend the night somewhere else. When I woke up to the neighbor's dog barking wildly at 2:00 am, I convinced myself that it was just Santa passing through.

Here is last year's Christmas Eve with the family post.

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