Wednesday, December 10, 2008

marigold holiday party (holiday party #3)

As you can tell by the photograph, I'm still not feeling good. I remembered to take the camera, I just didn't take any pictures that were worth a damn. This one is of Linda showing Elizabeth and Sofia the new store site. The only picture I took at the dinner at the Brew Pub was of my beer, and I think that was by accident. Since we all work at the coolest clothing store in town, you know we were all very stylish -- you'll just have to imagine how pretty and sparkly we were.

Anyway, the Marigold party was fun. Since I only work there once a month it was fun to catch up with everyone and solve the worlds problems.

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Rachel said...

Good for you solving the world's problems! Someone needs to! I do hope you get totally well by Christmas Nora, and have a Wonderful one!