Thursday, January 01, 2009

the year that was -- 2008

The off-the-top-of-my-head highlights (in alphabetical order):

Austin City Limits Festival
Lieber twins
Lost 25 pounds
NUVO cover story

Low lights (in order of importance): 

Deaths - Mr. Herr, Uncle Cletus and Larry and Kathy, Vi Walker
Held up
Financial challenges - replaced computer, replaced bathroom floor, dry basement, replaced camera, replaced cell phone, replaced locks, major truck repairs.....

Lots of great stuff happened this year. 

I got to travel and stretch my wings. The trip to Ireland and Austin were the first vacations I've taken in years that did not involve my family. Not that I don't love vacationing with them, but I loved exploring new things on my own. My computer died right after the Ireland trip and I didn't get the chance to properly write about it -- and about what a wonderful time I had.  I just figured out how to get the photos and notes I took off of the old computer. One of my goals for 2009 is to blog about that trip - and since I can't afford to take a trip like that for a while, it will be good to re-live it. 

The Austin trip was also amazing - I got to reconnect with Uncle Bruce and Cousin Sheila -- and I still owe them thank you notes. I was nervous about the Austin City Limits Festival. I was so sure that I'd be found out as a fraud - no journalism background, not an esoteric music freak or cool-kid blogger. The festival gave me a lot of confidence. I might not be up on the latest scarf-rock band, but I do my homework and I'm not afraid to ask questions. And I blogging about the festival and producing articles were great fun and helped me find my voice. I can see a big difference in my music writing since then - ironically it's closer to what you read on this blog.  And - I had a blast and made a new music-y friend. 

Blogstock was wonderful - and I got to meet a whole bunch of you. Jerry and I travel well together, I got to be in a parade and throw candy, the company was amazing, I rode a horse, ate amazing food and reveled in the fellowship of amazing people. 

Twins! The whole thing is amazing- the birth, the adorable kidddos and the way Tammy is handling it all with grace. And it makes me appreciate my dear niece and nephew even more. 

I spent the first 44 years of my life being skinny. Then something happened -- 30 somethings. It crept up on me. My activity level changed - my first desk-ish job and writing more = sitting more. My metabolism changed and menopause happened (shocking for someone so freakishly young, I know). I knew I'd been gaining weight and at Blogstock something really clicked - I realized how big I'd gotten when I needed a boost on to the horse. One of my young hip friends mentioned Weight Watchers. I always thought it was for old ladies (I know, I know) but when Amy said she was on WW, I went back to my office and signed up online. 

Apparently I just needed someone to tell me what to do! I am fanatical about tracking what I eat. The WW site makes it easy to count points and track progress. The weight loss has been steady and healthy. I've quit eating Twizzlers (more for you Ralph) and potato chips. I feel wonderful and I'm enjoying my smaller jeans and the wonderful compliments I'm getting. Just five more pounds! 

The NUVO cover story was amazing - it was a cool validation and gave me a huge confidence boost. I've been writing more and more (including something I can't talk about -- remember the jinx factor?). 

This year felt like it had more than it's share of adult crap. I was obviously affected by the deaths of Mr. Herr and Uncle Cletus. I'm still shocked about Larry and Cathy. Two of my close friends had dads die this year - Becky and Amy. My neighborhood mentor, Vi Walker died in December when I was so sick and I couldn't even get to the funeral. 

It was a hard year financially. I spend money on fun things -travel and the house, and not so fun things - replacing the computer and all of the stuff in my purse. And property taxes. Ugggh. 

But all and all it was a good year, although I am anxious to see what 2009 has to offer!

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Ralph said...

I nice recap of 2008. I hope '09 holds only the best for you.
Thanks for the extra Twizzlers.