Monday, December 22, 2008

second helpings christmas party (holiday party #11)

The Second Helpings party was at Santorini again this year. Everything was delicious. The food was served family style and there was plenty of it. I didn't even try to keep track of Weight Watchers points. 

We played the draw a picture on your head game again. It is a giggly good fun game. This year we drew a snowman with falling snow. Here is my version. I think it is better than I could draw if I was looking at the paper. 

We also did a gift exchange. We played a game where you could steal someone else's gift. Mine was wrapped really pretty and in a great box and kept getting stolen and traded. The gifts tucked inside were geared towards a woman. Holiday socks, cocktail napkins, a headband, coffee mug, tissues and a candy cane headband.

Chef Carl wound up with box. Here he is showing off the headband and cocktail napkins. 


Gette said...

I love Ann Trainor!

Chef Carl said...

...and looking just lovely!