Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas at christamore and mass at st. john's (holiday celebration #4)

I didn't take any photographs at the Christamore House to day. It just didn't seem right to snap photos of people picking up clothing, gifts and food for their families. The event is sponsored by the Christamore House Guild. Each child gets clothing, coat, hat, mittens and toys. The family gets a grocery store gift card, fruit and stocking stuffers.

I shopped for two families this year in lieu of buying gifts for friends and family. The shopping needed to be done in the height of my sickness. I was getting so confused looking at the slips of paper for six children and three adults that I made myself a cheat sheet with sizes and wish lists.
The adults all asked for cleaning supplies and one of the moms asked for plates. I found a cute set of dishes and loaded up on cleaning supplies and diapers for both families. I also gave both families a package of florescent light bulbs -- no time like the present to start with energy conservation.

I seriously had a fever when I was shopping for the clothes and toys. And I was in my least favorite store in the world - not so much because I think they are an evil empire, but because the people who shop there are rude horrible asshats.

The whole time I was shopping I had a prayer/mediation running through my head. I was praying for the young parents that they had the patience and strength to raise these children. I was picturing the kids and how they will have so much fun with their siblings. One family the mom is 22 and the dad 24 and the two daughters are 22 months and 7 months old. I actually giggled as I picked out cute outfits for the girls and thought about how much fun they'd have together.

When I got home I started laying everything out and putting names on piles of goodies. As I was checking names with the notes on my cheat sheet I realized that the 7 month old girl was named Keith....and she was a boy! F dash dash dash. I had to put my coat on and go back out in to the night. Grrrr.

As it turned out, I was not really needed for the day of passing the things out, there were plenty of high school kids there. Since I was already out of the office I decided to play hooky and go to noon Mass. Saint John the Evangelist is the oldest Catholic church in Indianapolis.

The parish was founded in the 1830s by Irish immigrants. Grandma Leona attended Saint John's Academy which was on the church property. It was very peaceful and emotional to think of young Leona Donohue sitting at the same spot 100 years before. I'm going to have to sneak out for Mass more often.

For historical photographs of the exterior click here. For interior photos click here.


King Tiger said...

Let me know when you plan on a noonmasssneak and I will sneak with you. Its only about two blocks from my office.
Fr. Paul was our pastor at St. Simon's till this past summer.

Jerry said...

Did you know that my sister Rose got married at St. John's back in 1974? It was pretty cool being an altar boy in that big church.