Thursday, December 11, 2008

fsma party (holiday party #5)

Second Helpings is a member of the Fountain Square Merchants Association. Several of the agencies we serve are in the boundaries of Fountain Square and the Tonic Ball is held there every year.

I'll admit to being terrible about attending the meetings so when I got the invitation to the party, I declined. One of the officers of the association urged me to attend. I told her that I would hate to have the only meeting I attended all year be the party. She told me that I'd be in great company and to bring a door prize.
I'm glad I went, not only did I discover the delicious goodness of a Sidecar but I had the chance to chat with the merchants that I usually only see in passing. The party was held in the wonderful Fountain Square Theatre Building. I've been lucky enough to be able to explore most of the nooks and crannies of this great building. I worked for a caterer that operated out of the building for a few years. It was great to see all of the hard work and attention to detail they've put in to the building. Anyone wanna go duckpin bowling?

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