Tuesday, December 09, 2008

send holiday party (holiday party #2)

....and me without my camera.

I clearly over-estimated my wellness. As good as I felt in the whiskey-soaked glow of one of my favorite musicians and being out of the house last night, I felt equally as crappy today. I worked a long day and drove home through the cold rain, happy to see my driveway. As I was turning in my phone rang - brother J.R. He'd just moved one of his businesses close to Second Helpings and I'd been encouraging him to get to know the neighborhood.

J.R.: Hey, where do you get a drink in Fountain Square?
Nora: The Brass Ring, I'll meet you there in 25 minutes.

And that is why I turned around and drove to the exact same way I'd just come from. In the cruddy weather. And not because I wanted a drink, but because my brother called. I've made it a practice to not turn down a chance to hang out with any of my siblings or parents or cousins or niece or nephew. I've never been disappointed.

I met J.R. and his plant manager, Vince at the bar. As it turned out I knew a few people (no surprise, really) and introduced them to J.R and Vince. Then I talked them in to going to the Southeast Neighborhood Development (SEND) party. Second Helpings is in the SEND area and several of my friends work there (hi Paul! hi Kipp!). I got to introduce the guys to even more neighborhood folks. And eat some cookies. Just 'Cause Catering made all of the food and I'd been looking longingly at the iced cookies with the SEND logo all day.

I forget what a diverse group of friends and acquaintances I have. The Fountain Square area attracts out-of-the-box folks. The neighborhood is chock-full of artists, musicians, writers and other creative types. By the time I'd introduced J.R. to several performance artists; burlesque and belly dancers his head was spinning (again, where was my camera?).

I have a feeling the guys are now fans of their new neighborhood.

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