Thursday, December 18, 2008

birdy's x-mas party (holiday party #10)

I'm still not feeling great. I've actually skipped some parties and stayed home. If you're keeping score, by this time last year I was on party # 15. And if you're keeping track (and I sure am), I'm 25 pounds lighter than I was in my photo with Santa last year. Woo Hoo! For more photos click here. 

The Birdy's party was a blast and they collected rice, pasta and money for Second Helpings this year. Thanks Jeff, Mike and Sue! 

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Jerry said...


Have a great Spitznogle Christmas. I'll be seeing you soon at the Mortuary...again. Sigh.

Teresa said...

Yeah on the weight loss and I can't even keep up with your parties. THIS YEAR we are going to meet. Hope you have an amazing year.

Monica said...

boy you have a lot of parties!