Monday, January 07, 2008

miss taken identity

I was noodling around on Google and typed my name in to an image search. The first eight photographs were not of me, but of people that I'd written about or photographs that I had taken. The ninth one is my work photograph. There are lots more photographs that I snapped or of work that has illustrated articles I've written. There are photographs of Bad Influence Girl, Kim and my sister Ann.

Of the 113 images only three others are actually photographs of me -one with the Easter Bunny, one of me on stage at Verizon Music Center and the self-timed-from-the-tailgate-of-my-truck the day I bought my house one.

There are two pictures of my house, one exterior and one of my bookcase full of Nancy Drew mysteries. And three different photographs of tractors.

There are five different pictures of my feet (no one is surprised, I assume).

The photographs that made me laugh the hardest...the two of the Morrow Kennels cup!


Kim said...

When I google myself, the first eight hits are, believe it or not, ANOTHER Kim with my extremely-uncommon last name. She lives in Canada, where she writes really bad fiction and raises chihuahuas. If anyone from college googles me and reads one of those eight entries, they'll think I went off the deep end...AND moved to Canada!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Yep - there is something magical about those Morrow Kennel cups.
I might have to goggle myself.

bad influence girl said...

Hee hee!

When I Google my name, the first pic that comes up is one you took at Verizon. And then there are a lot of pictures of German dogs. Apparently my first name is a common dog name in Germany.

nora said...

I just Google image searched Cliff. The first two pictures are of Ralph and the third is of an outhouse. Hummmm.
There are several of my feet and the Kennel cup shows up on about page five. I looked through ten pages and never saw Cliff.

Rachel said...

I'll have to try to goggle myself as well and see what turns up!

I do hope nothing happens to this Morrow Kennel Cup.

Cliff said...

Yeah Nora, I've read this several times and I either didn't comment or thought I had. I'm honored that I'm kinda connected to your blog.
As long as your okay and don't work too hard.

Jamie Dawn said...

It's interesting what came up when you searched.
My current icon is me wearing the John Deere hat my dad bought me on our vacation. I think this hat is more suited for you since I have never put any images of tractors on my blog. I haven't laid eyes on a real tractor in ages. I didn't even see one on our vacation, that I recall anyway.
Of course, images of your feet should have been the first ones to come up!!
Your feet and shoes are a very important part of your image.

Monica said...

i searche dmy full name and nothing came up but when I did Monimania it was all mine zillions of pages but just one other of some brown haired girl that wasnt mine!!