Monday, January 28, 2008

blue jacket fashion

I was headed out the door to pick up Bad Influence Girl to hear Cara's band play. I was wearing jeans and a sweater. I remembered that an interesting age-appropriate man was going to be there. I turned on my heel, changed in to a clingy top and black skirt, slapped on some makeup and five minutes later was headed back out the door.

The weather was nice (50s) so I didn't need my winter coat (which still smelled a bit like the MLK party- heavy on the fry oil and fish). So what did I top my 'dressed-up' outfit with?

A vintage FFA blue corduroy jacket.

I've always been fascinated by the FFA kids (I was in 4-H). At the National FFA Convention kick-off luncheon I sat next to the man who's company embroiderers the jackets. I started searching eBay for an Indiana FFA jacket, but never found one. I finally bought this 1974 Iowa version.

When I picked Tammy up, I apologized for being late explaining that I've changed clothes in an attempt to look 'hot.' And apparently that included an FFA jacket.

It didn't seem to impress age-appropriate man, but this too-young boy was very interested.

I spent way too long explaining why 19 years is too big of an age difference.

I hate it that my most desired quality I'm looking for in a date is "age appropriate."


Granny Annie said...

I couldnt find this at first so I emailed you but this is my comment: I love the pictures and think you looked great even in your FFA Jacket. Now, what is your sibling placement? If you are a youngest child, and the young man you met was an oldest child, age would not matter. If you are an oldest child and he a youngest then age would not matter. But if you were the same sibling placement it would not be a good match. You've got to get your age appropriate thoughts in line. Now, for instance, my son ....................!!!?

Cliff said...

Okay Nora, I'm upset. My computer has had you stuck on the Jan 20 blog. Since then I've checked back several times a day and found nothing new. All of the time I should have hit refresh.
I loved the write up of the parties. You do have a grand time and are for sure an asset to any group that you grace with your presence. I got a real kick out of your FFA jacket. One of the boys took mine to use as I think costume play time. I'm sure they wouldn't be making fun would they?
Man I'm hungry for fish now. Thanks for all of this. Great reading.

Jamie Dawn said...

19 years?
What's wrong with that age difference???
You looked HAWT, girl, so to heck with "age appropriate." The age appropriate man missed his chance, so hello younger man!!!
Anyway, do you think a man would be concerned about a woman being nineteen years younger than he is??
I rest my case.

Ralph said...

You have got to cut down on the parties. That soup swap idea is great.

bad influence girl said...

That picture of you explaining math to the young man is priceless.

nora said...

Thanks for taking that photograph Bad Influence Girl!

Lucy Stern said...

Nothing wrong with "age appropriate."

Kim said...

Go for it, you cougar, you!

Tee said...

LOL - Dang, Nora! Being hit on by a boy 19 years your junior! You go girl. Hee hee.

Rachel said...

I think granny annie has the man for you!! If he can only keep up with you will be the question!!

Monica said...

ahhhh 19 years is nothing now!!! hee hee!!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Just hello.
I hope you had a nice weekend.