Wednesday, January 02, 2008

miss appointed

If asked, I'd swear that I'm not superstitious, but I suppose I am. Not in the rabbits foot, cross my fingers sort of way. I'm superstitious in the don't talk about things until they are a done deal sort of way. The don't count your chickens before they are hatched way. The no bragging until you see your byline on the cover sort of way.

But Mr. Ex-Boyfriend was in town and I just had to tell him and brag a little. And once I told one person, I blabbed about it to anyone that would listen - in at least five counties (Marion, Boone, Cass, Hamilton and Hendricks - if anyone is keeping score). I just knew it was going to be my big break.

I was assigned a cover story for this paper. It was to be a 2000 word story profiling this iconic musician. I was nervous as hell, there was talk of turning the interview in to a podcast. I kept joking that I'd say "Hello Emmylou, I like your hair and you have a real pretty like cheese"
I did a ton of research and was anxiously awaiting the call from her publicist with the interview details - I was not having much luck, but kept rationalizing it - luckily I have lots of experience with boys not calling me. "She's in the studio" - "It's the holidays" - "She never got the message."

It became clear last week that I was not going to be able to talk to her. The focus of the project changed a bit. 500 words on Emmylou and 300 each on Shawn, Patty and Buddy. I started the research on them and contacted their publicists. I'm a big fan of all three and was looking forward to talking to/writing about them. And having a cover story.

Today I got an email - a freelance music writer shopped the story to the paper and he had interviewed Emmylou at a music festival last spring. It makes perfect sense to have him do it and I'm sure it will be great. He's also writing the pieces about the other three.

I can't believe how disappointed I am. I contacted the publicists and told them the story had been re-assigned. Then I got another email - could I still write one of the profiles? Of course. I re-emailed Buddy's people (who now must think that I'm as flaky as they come).

Moral of the story - No bragging, not 'til you see it in print anyway.


Jim said...

Back to work, huh?

I'm glad you washed your feet before you wore those nice new slippers.
Do you loan your foot pictures out?
I have a June Bug collection and am thinking of having a foot collection. I have a few stashed away in case I do that.

Happy New Year!

Granny Annie said...

Oh Nora, I would have stopped you from telling if I could have. It is bad enough to tell anyone, but to tell an ex-boyfriend puts a double whammy on the deal.

Wow, how exciting to have been in the running! Congratulations!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

That's a bummer Nora. I like you have have believed in the - no bragging until it's done theory.
Happy New Year to you.