Tuesday, January 01, 2008

month end wrap up


As you can see it was a busy month - and that was just the parties.

Britney, Paris and Lindsey have nothing on me - except for well, money, youth and a stylist. And I'm sure those party girls don't have to worry about being at work at 8:00 in the morning.

The month was exhausting and energizing.

All of the celebration reminds me what great friends and family I have.

If you know me at all and read between the lines, there was a lot I didn't talk about this month- work, writing, out-of-town guests and such. We'll save that for another month.

I came out of it generally feeling good and happy, which is not always the case around the holidays and when AVS is in town. I hate to make a bold statement declaring that we've found a happy ground in our friendship. I know the whole thing drives my friends that had to live through the aftermath of our breakup crazy. But, I've always known that somehow AVS and I will always be connected - I just needed to figure out how to do it. No dumpster stories this time. Hopefully, we can put a nice bow on that portion of my life.*

Thanks for hanging out for all of the parties - I'm off to hibernate.

Happy New Year!

*As soon as I typed this, I had a vision of famous last words blazing through my pea-brain.


Cliff said...

Well, a picture of you in the bathtub is a good way to start the year. As a matter of fact I won't,,, but thought about announcing on my blog that Nora put up a picture of herself in the tub wearing nothing but a smile. I learned that journalistic style from watching ABC News.
Readership would have been up though.
Your words on this post brought a smile. You're a good deal Nora.

nora said...

I WAS smiling - actually laughing like a maniac when I snapped the photograph.
I had visions of dropping the camera in the tub. I've managed to own something (and drag it everywhere) for six months without losing or breaking it. As you know, most home accidents happen in the bathroom. Plus my little prudish self was blushing wildly about taking a "naked" picture. I had to kick the cat out of the room first.