Thursday, August 30, 2007


I love getting mail which has manifested into an unnatural affection for my mailman. I leave a cooler on my steps with water and sodas in the summer and leave candy bars and coffee gift cards in the mailbox in the winter. I have met his family and know when his birthday is.

Last week was an especially good mail week. First Nancy Drew, then this package arrived at work.

Which reminded me of something that I wrote on August 2, but never posted:

It occurred to me that the whole soda/beer mishap could have been avoided if I still had my beloved Morrow Kennels Cup.
My cup disappeared two months ago and quite frankly I have not been the same since then.

A little birdy sent me some inside information and a damning photograph.

You see, Cliff drove 1,000 miles to hand deliver two cups but could not seem to make the eight mile trip to the post office in Tekamah.

The birdy reminded me that postage is a lot cheaper than gas. The same bird suggested that Cliff send me a red cup as better to mask the Miller Lite.

I never posted it because I didn't want to bug Cliff. And I was feeling a little guilty -- you see, I have something for Cliff that I've never mailed. I'll be putting the box the cup arrived in to good use.

I will tell you the strategic planning committee meeting at 7:30 yesterday morning was a little more bearable with the smiling Morrow Kennels dog grinning at me.
Thank you Cliff!


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

This was a clever and very, very post. Thanks. I needed a good laugh today.

Jerry said...

We'll have to write our names on our matching red cups now. I won't bring mine to the party this weekend. Stuff seems to get ripped off in your neighborhood.

Thanks to you and your Dad for going with me to L'port. That was one of the funnest trips to a funeral I've ever had.

Cliff said...

Hi Nora,
Glad it got there in good shape and let me know when it gets ripped off again.
I loved that box and the packing that came with it sooo much that I kept it on the front right part of my desk to look at for a while well...weeks, or was it months. Anyhoo, it was my pleasure.
Jerry: It's hard to beat a fun trip to a funeral.