Sunday, January 20, 2008

a series of naps, a trip booked and lesson (re)learned

This week was incredibly busy. I worked at all of my jobs and a couple that I didn't even know that I had. Besides working at Second Helpings (and the events surrounding our annual meeting), the Red Key and Marigold, I wrote three pieces for NUVO and turned a giant Broad Ripple Gazette column. I also wrote the sponsorship letter (and mailed a bunch out) for an event the Christamore House Guild is having in April. 

All of this left little time for sleep, but I did get several naps in - which seems to work well for me. I've become a champion napper. 

The Ireland plans: I'm traveling with some folks from Philadelphia. Kevin will be celebrating his 50th birthday while we are there. The group includes his brothers, a few cousins and friends. Dad and I went to Dublin with some of that group five years ago and had a fabulous time. 

I managed to get a great deal on the air fair. I'll fly to Philadelphia to meet up with the gang on February 28. We fly overnight to Dublin arriving on the 29th. Kevin's cousin Jimmy is going to be our bus driver, which is brilliant. None of us have to drive or worry about Guinness intake. I'm going to share hotel rooms with a friends of Kevin, which will help greatly with costs (the exchange rate is not the best). 

Here's our itinerary. 
Friday, Saturday and Sunday (2/29, 3/1, 3/2): Dublin
Monday (3/3): Nenagh, County Tipperary
Tuesday (3/4): Ennis, County Clare
Wednesday (3/5): Galway, County Galway
Thursday, Friday, Saturday (3/6, 3/7, 3/8): Cookstown, County Tyrone
Sunday (3/9): Dublin
Monday (3/10): fly home

I have not taken a vacation this long, um, ever. Very exciting!

Okay, I'm sure you've been wondering about the "lesson learned" part of the post. 

I got a press pass for the Three Girls and Their Buddy show. I was also offered a photo pass. 

I had to sign an agreement that I would not use a flash and could only take pictures for the first three songs. I was beside myself with excitement and very nervous. I was afraid I'd throw-up on Emmylou Harris's boots. 

So what did I do? Text Mr. Ex-Boyfriend to do a little bragging. 

What happened when I showed to up pick up my pass? They told me it was faxed in to the tour manager too late. No pass. 

Premature talking bit me in the ass again. 

I did saunter in with my camera anyway. The seats were excellent (row 8, center). I was tempted to snap some photos (lots of people were taking flash pictures), but I was sitting next to the music writer for the Indianapolis Star and wanted to at least pretend like I was professional. I'd already joked that I was going to copy off of him.  After David left to file his story (his deadline was  11:15 - mine is Wednesday).  I snapped a few photos. Here is one of Buddy Miller. 


Kim said...

I am totally behind this whirlwind trip. I'd horn my way in to an invitation of I thought I could swing it, but alas....I have this job that realies on me and I cant be absent.

It doth truly suckith mightily.

Nora, you must fold and squish in my fun somehow--I challenge you to do this. I know you'll not disappoint me. I trust your super-groovy sense of wOOt!

Fun via association with Nora is always a mighty fine idea. Keep this in mind , all you up-and-comers!

Cliff said...

Well I am truly impressed. The trip sounds like fun. I need to start hanging out with a higher class of people.
I'm glad you didn't throw up on anyone's shoes as we would surely have had a picture of your feet with vomit....
please Nora, no.

Granny Annie said...

I envy your trip to Ireland and will be eager to hear all about it. Hope your telling us all about it in advance won't jinx your plans.

Ditto Cliff about the vomit on your shoes. We just narrowly missed that viewing, I'm sure.

You know that your are hereby forbidden from bragging to you ex-boyfriend about anything again. Probably best you just don't speak to him.

Rachel said...

The trip sounds perfectly wonderful!! I hope you'll take lots of pictures to share with us.

I gotta agree with Cliff about the shoes and throwing up!

ralph said...

I am so ready to meet you and Jerry at Blogstock. It might be the only time you get to slow down.

Anonymous said...

HI Nora,

Your 1st paragraph wore me out lol. Good think you are a champion napper.

Sounds productive that you've been writing so much, though? I am still new here at your blog, despite seeing many of your comments on others' blogs, so I'm settling in to get to know you.

Sorry your press pass didn't work out. Your upcoming trip sounds awesome!

Cliff said...

I just saw Nora's picture on a milk carton.
Who can help me look.
The first place we're going is to the Red Key. She doesn't work there during the week but we could just go there, drink and wait.