Thursday, January 17, 2008

news, news and more news

Writing: I wound up writing two pieces (here and here) for the Emmylou Harris cover story. And my name was listed (in big print) as contributing to the story.

I was quoted in the Jazz News, a jazz um, news thingie. Anyway you can read it here.

Traveling: I just booked a ten day trip to Ireland. I'm going with my Philadelphia friend Kevin and his family and friends. We're going to celebrate Kevin's 50th birthday.

More on all of that later- I've got an article to finish.


Teresa said...

That is my dream trip. You MUST tell me how it was. I want to go there for my 40th birthday--two years away!

Ralph said...

You have been busy! The trip sounds like fun but please just tell me your trip is not going to interfere with Blogstock.

Cliff said...

Nora, I just loved the 'wiped out' post below. You have a real talent. What a great day and cast of characters with our favorite character Nora in the center.
Congrats on the writing and everything you do for others.

Rachel said...

You busy busy woman!! I get short winded reading your posts!!! :)

Ireland!!! Oh I am jealous!!! I hope you get to relax some then at least.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Nora! You have been busy.
Ireland huh? Good for you. My friend went to Ireland last month. She had a blast. The only problem, she didn't take a camera. Please take your camera and share the pictures with us. Enjoy. Lisa

Jamie Dawn said...

Congrats on all the writing you've been doing!
Ireland - What fun!
I'm sure you are really looking forward to that vacation!
You deserve to have a nice break from your hectic schedule and enjoy a fun & relaxing time.
You'll have to let us know when the trip is so we can know when to be jealous.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You're shining.
I love jazz. (Think I've said that here before.) Enjoyed seeing your smiling photo.

Tee said...

Get out of here! You're going to Ireland!? That is going to be awesome!

E-mail me privately when you get closer to the date of your trip. I want you to do me a small favor if you just happen to pass through a sign or town with a certain name. It's my maiden name and there is a town in Ireland with that name :)