Wednesday, January 16, 2008

wiped out

I'm wiped out, but it was a lovely day.

First check out Robert Egger's blog entry from Indianapolis.

Nora with Robert Egger

Second Helpings first-ever annual meeting was today. We held the meeting in an old duck pin bowling alley. It went wonderfully, all of the glitches happened before the doors opened at the venue. I arrived at the building about forty-five minutes before the event started. I should first point out that I'm hyper-aware of my surroundings, follow me if there is a fire. In fact I'll probably be the first one to notice the fire. I can't recite my multiplication tables, but I'm always prepared for disaster.

Anyway, I rolled past the building and see a heating and cooling repair van parked outside and a puzzled looking man on the roof. F-dash-dash-dash flew out of my mouth, and I started saying a Hail Mary immediately (hopefully the two things cancelled each other out). I was on my fourth Hail Mary by the time I reached the door. I arrived just in time to see the lights pop back on (the HVAC problem had also tripped a breaker). The heat came back on, but the room was cavernous (again, an old duck pin bowling alley) and the outside temperature was 20 degrees.

Our catering staff was working well under the pressure, but the coffeemaker was not. If there is one thing I know for sure, it's that cold Hoosiers want their coffee. I ran to Iaria's, the restaurant next door with three coffee pump pots. I burst through the door "Hi, I work at the Red Key and I need help." A waitress looked up, and said "Hello Nora." There is an whole underground restaurant workers mafia- we always hook each other up. Julie promised to make the coffee- and deliver it!

Back to the venue- everything was going wonderfully. Dad and Mr. Ternet were posted at the door to greet people and point out the awkwardly placed steps (the only two people that tripped on the steps? My parents). Lunch was terrific (special thanks to my sister Beth for helping). The CEO did a great job with her "state of the agency" address, we gave out awards and Robert Egger had the whole crowd inspired and fired-up.

Christamore House was given the Recipient Agency of the Year Award

Robert with the Second Helpings Culinary Students

More later, I'm literally under the covers as I type -still wearing my clothes and boots.


bad influence girl said...

Oooooh, that is way cool. I am so sorry I missed it.

"I work at the Red Key, and I need help." It's like some kind of bat signal or something. Love it.

Rachel said...

Wow, what fun!! SO wonderful that the Red Key helped you out with the coffee!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm going to scroll down now and read the previous post.
You are a busy bee for sure!