Tuesday, January 15, 2008

swanky dinner update

Nora and Robert Egger
(I'm the one wearing the skirt)

Robert Egger gave a terrific talk and I'm terribly energized.
And yes, we were the only two wearing cowboy boots.


Cliff said...

Now your feet beside mens feet makes it much more interesting Nora.
Give us a chance to come up with more miss es. Like if you go to someplace you feel you don't belong. misfit.
Or if you can't find a something. miss ing....
oh never mind

Ralph said...

Within the last week, I started writing three posts just to find out they were annoying me. The delete button is a wonderful tool. I have to write about enough things that irate me no sense doing it under the title of having fun.
BTW, I like the boots.

Bella Rossa said...

I love all the foot and boot photos you post!

Jamie Dawn said...

Nice boots. I think I would have known which ones were yours even if you hadn't said you were the one wearing the skirt. I'm good at guessing stuff.