Tuesday, January 15, 2008

miss (ing) in action

I have been incredibly busy with writing (nothing I want to talk about yet) and work and work.

Second Helpings (first ever) Annual Meeting is tomorrow. The guest speaker is one of my heroes, Robert Egger - he's a little bit rock n' roll and a little bit not-for-profit. He started the DC Central Kitchen, on which Second Helpings is modeled. He's also a blogger.

There is a swanky 'donor cultivation' dinner tonight, a student/alumni breakfast in the morning, the annual meeting luncheon and 'cocktails and conversation' in the evening. Oh, and we'll be preparing and delivering the usual 2900 meals and rescuing 6000 pounds of food tomorrow. I'm not complaining - this is the sort of thing that I love.

My house looks like crap*, but what is new?

I'll check in soon.

*why is it that the less time you spend at home, the messier it gets?


Granny Annie said...

Because you run in and throw, you run out and throw, you stack and you drop as you scurry to the next encounter. Those are busy feet you keep showing us.

Teresa said...

I notice that smae thing about my house, WTF??

Cliff said...

I'm just glad to hear that you are busy. I'd hate to hear that you had lost one of you many jobs. That would mean you'd have time clean the house.
Good luck on EVERYTHING!

King Tiger said...

I have got to stop by the Red Key some time.
When do you work?

nora said...

I'm at the Red Key most Saturday nights. Come visit, I'll even give you a basement tour.

Anonymous said...

Wow oh wow, no wonder he looked so familiar even though it's after 4 a.m. and I should be asleep! (I live in the D.C. area...)

Terrific guest speaker.More terrific 2900 meals and rescuing 6000 lbs of food! WTG!