Thursday, June 05, 2008

twenty-third best day of my life.

Actually, I'm not sure where yesterday ranked, but it was pretty darn good.

Started the morning off with a visit to Robert Egger and D.C. Central Kitchen. Second Helpings is based on D.C. Central Kitchen, so I loved getting to poke around and see how they do things. I got some great ideas. 

I also got to see Robert Egger is his element. I love his office, it looks an awful lot like mine - except his is tidy. You can read my previous posts on Mr. Egger here and here and see our feet here. I'm such a big fan of his that I get all stammery and blushy around him. 

I have a whole bookcase full of Harry Truman books and Truman paper dolls and other goofy stuff. It was fun to see old 'Give 'um Hell Harry' above the Iggy Pop poster. 

On the flight back to Indianapolis we circled around the city. This photograph shows our old football stadium (RCA Dome), the new almost-finished-one (Lucas Old Stadium) to the right and Victory Field. The baseball stadium is in the bottom, center of the photograph. Since I could see that the lit score board from the sky, it was a sure sign that I should go to the afternoon game. So I did. I had an idea that Dad would be there and he was. I bought a big ole tub of popcorn and plopped down next to him. Dad's crowd yelled Nora and then three guys behind me also yelled Nora. 

I was so excited! One of my favorite musicians, Steve Poltz  (from San Diego) was sitting behind us! I'd missed Steve's show the night before (thanks for the during-the-show text updates Heck of a Gal and B.I.G) and I never miss his shows. Steve is quirky and fun and I'm always in a better mood at the end of the gig- which I cannot say about all of the concerts I cover. He had a long career with his band The Rugburns, but is best known for co-writing the song You Were Meant for Me, with then-girlfriend Jewel. The song holds the record for the longest chart run. 

For once, I got the chance to entertain Steve and his tour manager. I took them up to the Public Announcer's booth and we got to see the view from the press box. We watched the last inning sitting right behind home plate. 

And, as if that wasn't a big enough day...I went to the Ryan Bingham late-night show. The talented twang-rocker is only 26. The whole band was great and I made myself stay until the end, just to prove that I could last as long as the kids - of course I wasn't drinking shots and PBR's and smoking....and I bet they still felt way better than I did this morning!

And there you have it: A day in the life of Nora. 


Erin Teal said...

It was great to meet you at the Kitchen, Nora! I think you left your sunglasses here (which I imagine was a little irritating at the baseball game)... so send me your address and I'll mail them off to you! and great blog by the way! :)

-Erin (R's assistant)

Rachel said...

What a nice time you had!! Looks like you have sunglasses on your head in that picture at the ballgame, so you must have had to buy more or maybe they weren't yours!!