Wednesday, June 25, 2008

fresh market, finally.

A little history. I used a manage a coffeehouse on my little corner of the world, 54th and College in Indianapolis. I wrote a very self-indulgent post about it here.

The day has finally arrived and the market is open! I was invited to a 7:30 breakfast reception they had this morning before the official store opening. It was nice being able to walk to a grocery story again.

I made the news- watch the clip here. I'm at about 1:40. I'm gracefully juggling a bottle of Bubble Up, a bottle of Frosty's root beer and a bottle of Dad's red soda. Ironically I purchased nothing fresh at the Fresh Market. If look you closely at the clip you can see me stuffing my sample cup between the shelves. Classy.

You can read my quote here. And here are photographs that I took. Scroll down to the Fresh Market link.

When I watched the clip earlier I was very critical of how I look. I got an email this evening from a woman who is the great-great neice of my grandmother Nora. She said that I looked just like photographs of Nora and Grandpa Paul. Made me feel a lot better about how I look. And I'm looking forward to meeting new cousins.

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