Thursday, June 26, 2008

blogstock '08

I'm getting very excited about Blogstock next week. Jerry and I are driving to Nebraska. Cliff's farm is our gathering space. 

I was waffling on my plans until just a few weeks ago. I'm a big fan of the Fourth of July in Indiana. I was feeling especially sad about missing it after Mr. Herr died. I talked it over with best friend Ann and we decided that I could be gone this year, but Blogstock would just have to come to Indiana next year. 

I decided not to second guess my decision. Where ever I was, was where I needed to be. 

The real kick in the pants excitement I needed came yesterday after I read this article. Thanks Cliff!

I can't wait!


Granny Annie said...

Well Nora, thanks to Cliff you can now write the whole trip off as a business expense! Whoo Hoo!

I am happy to have gained admittance to the Blogstock '08 site and will be so eager to hear each and every happening. Heck, I didn't know there would be parade. I luv a parade:-) Maybe we'll be able to attend '09.

Try to get a little rest if possible. You deserve a break.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the link to the article Nora!! That is great!! I'm looking forward to meeting you and everyone else! Be prepared for FUN!

Jerry said...

That Cliff. He's good for a swift kick in the Chinos, ain't he?

I'm getting stoked about going to BS2008 too!

I'm in Texas now trying to run quarterly reports. Uggh!

Cliff said...

i'm planning on being there, here too.

Monica said...

A little too far for me!! very cool Have a great time!!!