Friday, June 06, 2008

the price of cool redux

Some of you might remember the 'price of cool' post from last year. I just reread it and I think it might be one of the better things I've written here. You might also remember how the air conditioner met its end

When I kicked the unit to the curb last year I had a grand fantasy - I thought that after I bought the house I'd put in central air. Bahahaahahhaah ha. Seriously. What pretend world did I live in? At that point I had a good chunk of money in the bank and had just gotten a raise and was thinking rich. 

I haven't talked about it much, but my mortgage took all of my savings and is way more than I thought it would be. It's over half of my salary each month. So having a part time job or two really makes a difference in my quality of life and my haircut. And I had a fun spring: trip to Ireland- good!, tree on house: bad!, bathroom remodeled, good!, computer croaking, bad!

Anyway, it's been hotter than hell in here. And I have poison ivy. Throw some freaking hot flashes on top of that and you have the recipe for one very cranky Nora. This morning I  swore that I was not coming home without a new air conditioner for my bedroom. One quick trip to Lowes later (that for the gift certificate LuAnn and Bill!) and I brought home this little beauty. 

Air conditioners have come a long way in the last twenty years or so. Quieter, digital, programmable and this:
A remote control. 


Jerry said...

You DID remember to shut all the windows in the house, right?

Stay cool!

Teresa said...

Good for you. You were already cool; but I am glad that you got an air conditioner. It has been freaking hot already, hasn't it?

Cliff said...

Well I'm guessing that a cranky Nora is easier to get along with than a happy Cliff.
Congrats on the new AC. Those digital models are great. We have 4 of them up at the kennel.
The next post down was mighty impressive. When I come to Indy I can see it's going to pay to know Nora.
I'll just say: "Hi, can I sit right over there?" "Uh, Nora is a friend of mine."
That was a great day for sure.

Rachel said...

Wow, that is some modern air conditioner! You will be nice and cool in your bedroom. Ahhh........

Janell said... flashes AND poison ivy? Poor Nora. If I was closer I'd bring you some cheesecake and root beer floats. Cheesecake and root beer floats always cheer me up and cool me down.

Granny Annie said...

I wish you lived next door and I would give you an airconditioner. When we moved from Kansas we had a brand new window unit for our home there and don't need it here. You could just run over and get it.

But I agree with the others -- regardless of temperature, you are always COOL:-)

bad influence girl said...

Nora, that's just like the a/c I bought last year when my bedroom unit croaked!

I was going to get central air back in 2003 but decided to use the money to go to Germany instead, thinking that my then-husband and I would quickly replace the money.

Bahahahahaha! And now you know why I'm divorced. And why I have a window unit just like yours.