Monday, June 23, 2008

happy birthday june bug

I love this kid so much my little heart swells every every time I see her.

The day she was born ranks right up there on my favorite days ever list. The birth of her brother and the weddings of my siblings round out the Top Five.
When she was born I decided that I would only give her savings bonds, books, art or music for gifts. It was a little rough the last two years. Barbie and friends had a lot bigger pull on her. I was thrilled that she liked her gifts from me. Two "chapter books" and five biographies- Cesar Chavez, Harriet Tubman, MLK Jr, Alexander Graham Bell and Helen Keller. Aunt Nora just had to pass along a little bit of her social justice bent.
I was really happy that she liked the Ivy and Bean books. In the past she was not very excited about reading.

Grandma gave M. a camera, scrapbook and all of the trimmings. Here is a classic photograph of June Bug taking a photograph of me taking a photograph of the June Bug get it.

Her younger brother gave her a Webkinz -- always a hit. Aunt Beth and Uncle Ron gave her the board game Sorry and loaded her down with markers.

I behaved this year, no need to retire to the guest room to "sleep off" the Barbie cake. I did spend time on the trampoline. I really want one for my back yard.

I went to tuck her in for the night and when I opened the door there was a bunch of rustling under the covers and a guilty look on her face. When questioned she admitted that she was reading under the covers-- wheeeee! Auntie Nora fully condones that activity. I think I may have to expand my approved gift list to included a book light.

Happy 8th birthday M.


Lacy said...

Savings bonds (the mostly confusing gifts of my childhood) just enabled my wedding. Adult Me is so so so immensely grateful for them, and although it's totally boring now, I guarantee Adult June Bug will be too.

Aw, what a heartwarming, sweet post! You make-a me think of my own wonderful aunt and the nieces I just officially married into!

Viva aunts, nieces, and ESPECIALLY covert unstoppable reading!

Cliff said...

I'll thank you not to be corrupting anymore children minds. It could take years for that influence to wear off and clear thinking to prevail.